What's a Service Gratuity Donation?

The cost of our hosting and support services, to the Seller, is a small percentage of their auction proceeds. But a Seller may choose to fund their auction fees with your help by using a *Tax-Deductible Service Gratuity Donation. The percentage is listed under the bid button, making each bidder well aware of the Service Gratuity rate with every bid placed.

A Service Gratuity Donation is an add-on fee paid by winning bidders in addition to their winning bid. Think of it like a mandatory gratuity at a restaurant when you go out to eat with a large group of people. According to your tax professional, it MAY qualify as a *tax-deductible charitable contribution for you, and it enables the organization you're supporting to keep 100% of the auction proceeds for their cause.

Other auction services charge fees that simply take a portion of the winning bids (often from 20% up to 50%) without the winners' knowledge or consent (and with NO benefit of a tax-deductible donation), leaving the bidders deceived and often leaving the organization with only 50% - 70% of their auction proceeds. The transparency of our *Tax-Deductible Service Gratuity Donation is second-to-none, reminding all bidders of this fee before finalizing each bid placed on our site, ensuring a fair and ethical bidding platform for bidders, enabling them to pay what they want by adjusting their bid to offset the fee, should they choose to do so.

*To find out if the organization you're supporting qualifies to receive tax-deductible charitable contributions, please contact the seller/organization directly. Note: WinningCause does not have this information - you MUST contact the seller to determine their charitable status. All winning bidders will receive a receipt from WinningCause itemizing the Service Gratuity Donation for your records.

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