Can I retract my bid?

No. Your bid is a legal and binding contract. The instant you place a bid on an item, you have agreed to purchase the item for the full amount of your bid plus shipping fees and the Service Gratuity, should you be the highest bidder when the auction closes. At the end of the auction, our Auto Checkout feature will automatically and securely process your credit/debit card previously registered and stored in our PCI Compliant processor’s vault through our secure, PCI Compliant processor’s server. Please consider your bids very carefully. You can, however, change the settings of your bid--that means you can add a new credit card or select a different one on file if you accidentally used the wrong card. You can also change your shipping options after placing a bid. To make these edits, go to your account and scroll down to My Bids and click on the gear icon (settings) next to the auction item.

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