What is the Leading Bids box and how does it work?

The Leading Bids box shows the history of all bids that have been placed since bidding opened on an item. You may notice some bids have an asterisk (*) next to them. These are Max Bids which were placed higher than the next bidding increment. So if the next increment is $30 and a bidder places a Max Bid of $100, instead of $30, then the system will register that higher Max Bid and bid on their behalf, by the next available increment, until their high Max Bid is reached--once reached, it will be marked with an asterisk (*). You may also notice some bids with a double asterisk (**) next to them. These are Max Bids that won a tie. In the rare scenario where one bidder's high Max Bid is matched by a second bidder's high Max Bid, the tie goes to the first bidder and that bid is marked with a double asterisk (**) to help the second bidder understand why they aren't winning.

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