Advanced Settings: Add a Page (like an About Us Page) to Your Auction

Learn how to add a Web Page to your auction

A Web Page is handy for listing additional information about your organization or thanking sponsors. It can be whatever you want it to be!

To add a Page:

  1. Go to CMS (Content Management System) in the top menu and then choose Pages from the dropdown list.
  2. In the upper right, click on the blue button that says Add New Page to start creating your page.
  3. You will be taken to a form to set up your page. First give it a Page Title. This is a name that you will need to recognize later, so be sure it labels your page properly in case you want to have multiple pages. It will also be used in the breadcrumbs (e.g. homepage/mypagename).
  4. Next your page needs a name (may be alphanumeric), called the URL Key. This name will go at the end of your auction URL (e.g. and you will use the URL to link to your page from your auction home page. This can be done with a Static Block (instructions to set up a static block are in another setup guide).
  5. Leave the status as Enabled.
  6. Select a Layout. By default, it is set to a 1 column layout, but you can play with the different layouts and see how they look on the website after saving. To test different layouts, just edit this setting, save and return to the website to see the changes.
  7. Now the fun part–use the WYSIWYG editor to create the look of your page. Here you can add text and format it as desired, add images or other media, and even add scripts from third party services.
  8. Click on the green Save Page button in the upper right.


Now you should be able to see your page, located at the URL you assigned the page in step 4 above. If, for example, your auction homepage URL is, and you gave your page a URL Key of aboutus, then the full URL of your page is going to be In order to link to your new page from your homepage, you should add the full URL of the page to a Static Block. The steps to creating a static block can be found here.

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