Step 1: Add an Auction Event

Learn how to set the Start Times and End times of all of your Auction Items with one setting by adding an Auction Event.

To add an Auction Event:

  1. In your Auction Admin Panel, Go to Auction in the upper menu and click on Manage Auction Events from the dropdown list.
  2. Click on the blue Add Auction Event button in the upper right.
  3. Enter a Title that is unique to your Organization so that it won’t conflict with another Auction Event set up by another Organization. The easy way to do this is to add your Organization Name to the Title.
  4. Choose the Start Time and End Time for your Auction Event. Be sure to confirm with your entire team when the Auction Event should start and end. The End Time represents the time at which all items in your list will end.  It is highly recommended that you set the start time in the far future so that you can edit your items before bidding starts (Start Time).
  5. Choose the Extended Bidding limit. This gives you the choice to let Extended Bidding go on unlimited, or you can limit the Extended Bidding to 30 minutes.  Auto Checkout will not process until all items in the Auction Event have ended, so if you need to process credit cards by a certain time at your event, then limiting the Extended Bidding is your best option. If you have no time constraints, then it is in your best interest to let bidding go on unlimited.
  6. Finally, DOUBLE CHECK the selected End Time for your event. If you make a mistake with the end time, it can be edited after saving.
  7. Click on the green Save Auction Event button in the upper right.
  8. Now proceed to the next step of adding your Products to the Auction Event--in most scenarios, you should put all of your Products in the same Auction Event.

Your items are now scheduled to open and end at the designated times. But the work isn’t done yet. Proceed to the next step to add your Products.

DO NOT market your auction until bidding opens!  Once bidding opens, it’s time to bring as many bidders as you can to your Auction. We recommend a ratio of bidders:items that is about 10:1. So if you have 10 items, you need 100 potential bidders looking at your items.

See our Email Helpful Guidelines to learn how to write the perfect email for your marketing campaign.

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