How do I close the auction?

The auction closes by itself via our Auto Checkout feature. Your auction is scheduled to close at a specified time, but if there is any extended bidding, that will prolong the close of the auction. Once the last item ends (if there is extended bidding), our system will begin processing all credit cards, creating Invoices for your bidders, which they will receive via email.

Your only task at the end of the auction is to organize items by invoice and prepare for pickup. I would advise you to give your team at least 30 minutes to organize items before allowing anyone to pick up their items so that you have time to organize everything.

If you have a printer handy, you can print all of the invoices in bulk and use the paper invoices to organize items for pickup.

If you decide to simply use your admin panel to look at Invoices (Sales/Invoices), then just be sure an Invoice exists before handing out items. Unfortunately, some cards might decline during Auto Checkout and they will need to use a different card and checkout manually before an invoice is created.

Please have a look at this article regarding the steps to take when you auction ends:

When your auction closes you will receive an email with these instructions again, look for that email a few minutes after your auction is scheduled to end.

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