How do I place a bid?

To place a bid, enter the amount you are willing to pay in the box next to the Max Bid button. The amount you enter may be as little as the next minimum increment required, or as much as you’re willing to pay to win the item. If you bid more than the next minimum increment, our system will take over and bid on your behalf, up to your stated maximum. Double check that the amount you enter is correct and click on the Max Bid button. A pop up window will appear requiring you to select a credit card, agree to terms and select your shipping options (at the end of the auction, our Auto Checkout feature will automatically and securely process your credit/debit card previously registered and stored in our PCI Compliant processor’s vault through our secure, PCI Compliant processor’s server). Click "Place Bid" to make your bid official or just close the window to abort placing a bid.

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