How to disable or postpone an auction?

To suspend or disable your auction you can either adjust the Start Time and End Time settings in your Auction Event (Auctions/Manage Auction Events then select your event to edit its settings) to end immediately before any bids can be placed. To postpone your auction, simply edit the start time to a future date--however, this will only work if the original start date is still in the future. If you need to cancel your auction, and your Products have bids, your Products will need to be disabled before your Auction Event ends or your winning bidders will be charged for their items via Auto Checkout, which is set in motion as soon as the Auction Event ends. To disable your items we can change the status of your Products from Enabled to Disabled. You will need to contact us to do this for you. Please create a support ticket by emailing us at and please be very detailed in your request. We will need to know the Product title, Item Number, and your Organization ID.

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