How to collect cash or check when online auction ends?

We do not allow cash or check payments, otherwise known as offline payments. The reason for this is because our system is not set up to accommodate these payment methods, and especially in the case of checks, it protects you from fraudulent payments.

Our system is designed to handle all payments by credit card. One feature we're really excited about is 'Auto Checkout', which automatically checks out all winning bidders and processes their credit cards on our secure, PCI Compliant servers. That being said, entering a valid credit card is a prerequisite to placing a bid. A bid simply cannot be placed without entering a credit card. The card will only be processed IF the bidder wins the item--but, win or lose, they must commit to their bid by first entering a card.

This process eliminates checkout lines for your bidders (usually no one wants to wait in line to check out at the end of an event anyway), and eliminates checkout hassles for you, meaning you won't need to staff up to handle the checkout process. You'll simply need to access your admin panel and confirm receipt of payment, then hand out items to their respective winners.

Even if a winning bidder's card is declined for some reason during Auto Checkout, they will be alerted to use a new card to checkout manually via their device to complete the transaction. You will need to be careful when handing out items to winning bidders and always verify that each winning bidder has a paid invoice in your admin panel before you give them their item. Please do not accept cash or checks for any declined payments, it makes a huge bookkeeping mess on our end.

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