How do I see the current bids?

To see your bids, sign in to your account (if you haven't done so already) and go to My Account. In your account Dashboard, scroll down to see a list of items you have bid on called My Bids. Please note that this list is only populated by open items, closed items (where bidding has ended) will no longer display under My Bids.

To see a list of bids on any items (the Bid History), seek out the auction of interest and click on an item from that list to go to the item's Detail page. Once on the Detail page, scroll down until you see the Bid History tab. Click on that tab to see all of the current bids placed on that item. You'll notice that the bidder names are masked for privacy (eg Name = N**e). When you are signed in, your name will stand out as unmasked--this is only visible to you and only when you are signed in.

If you have a long forgotten Max Bid set on an item and you need to be refreshed, you can reveal your own Max Bid amount to yourself by clicking the button at the top of the Bid History box. Click, and the amount will revealed for a few second before hiding it again from potential, over the shoulder snoops. This amount is only visible to you when clicked, and only when you are signed in.

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